What do you do on a sunny chilly morning?

You go to an audition!

I had a quick fun audition this morning, that I can just say I got to show off my “guns” at.


Not much of a “gun show” here, but I definitely enjoy being physical and try to eat healthy and keep myself in good shape.

In this day and age where so much emphasis is placed on looks, size, shape, weight, etc, it can be a daunting task to keep in mind that healthy does not always look like what we see in beauty magazines and on television. Granted, as an actor I often find myself comparing my size, height, weight, and type to what is the “norm” in the industry, I try to bear in mind that being healthy and happy with who I am is precedent over tying to fit into an industry sized box.

I hope that we can find a balance between the perceived notions of beauty and health that we commercially consume with what we actually consume in mind, body, and soul.

No doubt I’ll revisit this topic in depth soon enough with the holidays (we already had the monster known as Black Friday – to speak of consumerism and commercialism being out of control…) right around the corner. And if I get a callback, of course! 😉

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