We’re all Extras…

“You say that emotions are overrated. But that’s bullsh*t. Emotions are all we’ve got.”

We recently saw the movie Youth with Michael Caine, Rachel Weiss and Harvey Keitel. I suppose it would be classified as an “indie” film, as it wasn’t given a very wide distribution.

It was…

…I think one of the best movies I’ve seen. It wandered a bit from here to there, and some might find the concepts pretentious and the visuals a bit odd, but it had a special quality to it.

Nothing about it is particularly “exciting” – there’s no chase scenes, no fight scenes and most of the movie takes place at a lavish but peculiar, secluded spa in the mountains. Alive, but not living; but always trying to recapture the feeling of what it was to be alive. Like many of the characters, it seems to made of moments frozen in time, dreaming of movement but not quite being able to take that step out into the waking world. Like a darker, slightly twisted version of a Wes Anderson movie, the storyline centers upon one or two characters but thoroughly highlights many people, giving you a vivid snapshot of various lives but still doesn’t endeavor to explain every backstory or detail, which is somewhat refreshing. The characters are undoubtedly full, rich and individually unique, but that doesn’t mean we as the audience have to know their full story. How they got to where they are, where they want to go.

The most important thing – and a theme that slowly emerges through the course of the film, is that what matter is where you are NOW. Feeling, and living, and caring about what is happening to you and around you right at this moment. The past… The future… They are important things and shouldn’t be discounted. But they can’t rule the decisions we make on a daily bases. Even though, funnily enough, they do.

We make decisions based on the mistakes of our past. Try to prevent history from repeating. Try to push away the unpleasantries and moments we experienced and regret. We make choices based on a future we imagine, or are trying to achieve. We wait for the perfect moment, to make sure the outcome is as we wished. We do things – or don’t do things, in our attempts to control the future, escape the past, prevent a fear, or ignore a painful memory.

What’s ruling your life? The past? The future? A dream? A worry? A fear?

Oh, and go see Youth!

One response to “We’re all Extras…

  1. Beautifully written and makes me want to see the film even if it was thought not to be my cup of tea… Thanks for the nudge and loved the insight.

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