Snow and Life

 Ah, NYC. Taxis, skyscrapers, boroughs, subways, and… two feet of snow?

The history making storm has now come and gone, and a lot of us are still picking up (or rather, shoveling up) the mess Jonas left in his wake.

I will admit to enjoying a good hunker-down. Maybe it’s the hurricane mentality of growing up in Florida, but there’s something kind of… nice(?) about shutting all windows and doors, curling up on the couch with a cup of tea (or something stronger) and knowing you aren’t going anywhere for a bit. Especially when you have good company to curl up with. ❤
But now the snow is over, the streets and sidewalks are (somewhat) clean. And life goes on.

Life always goes on. And speaking of life, I’d like to share something that the late, brilliant, Alan Rickman did a few weeks before his death. I could easily write paragraphs and paragraphs about what high regard I held the actor and activist in and commemorate his death with my memories of his performances, deeds, or the time I met him. But, instead I give you this, to celebrate that life does indeed go on, and I think, to endeavor to improve life and awareness.

Thank you, Mr Rickman, for everything. Here’s to life, to compassion, and to living.

You and This Tortoise Could Save Lives

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