Holy Crap Is It March??

It’s March. Um… wow.

A clear testament to how not internet savvy I still manage to be – I haven’t updated in a month! Well! There’s quite a bit to catch up on then. And it IS #FlashbackFriday right? So, here we go…

It’s been a pretty eventful last month.

Auditions, work, agents and casting director meetings, a whirlwind of activity! Where to begin…

Well, I guess we’ll start with the biggest thing: an audition for a series regular in a large network show. My first audition of such a magnitude. Needless to say, I was a weeeee bit nervous. I took some extra coaching I could squeeze in before the audition (in this industry, things move FAST), and gave it my best shot.

And you know what? It felt GOOD. The casting was at TuckerMeyerson Casting with Julie Tucker. She was very kind and open – I felt at ease auditioning for her for sure. I didn’t book the role it seems, but I definitely look forward to auditioning for her again and NAILING it! It felt good to be challenged, to have the pressure and face it all head on. In life, most times it’s not even about booking the role, or getting the interview, getting the girl, or that raise at work. Those things are amazing and awesome and things to work for and celebrate, but the how and the why – the feeling of striving and doing your best for something, knowing it was your best and walking away with that feeling is priceless.

If nothing else, I learned that I have a TON more learning to do, and I’m eager to better myself. Like a wake up call not to get complacent. Never get complacent, in life, in work, in love. Never ever, ever.

So, I’ve started auditioning for class series with some top teachers in NYC (and if anyone has suggestions, feel free to leave comments with the teacher/school/class name!) and I’m doubling down on organizing my networking. I truly believe that while a lot of the entertainment industry is “who you know” (and who knows you), I’m a true believer that in anything, if you are at the top of your game, you give them no excuse but to hire you. Be too good to ignore.

I’m no there yet, but I’ve no qualms about continuing the journey to get there, and then, the even bigger challenge once there – to stay there.

I’ve also joined a new and wonderful positive body image and empowerment modeling agency (yes, modeling and positive body image don’t always have to be at odds), called We Speak. And I’ll be speaking up more about that soon, I’m sure – a photoshoot with them (scroll down to see a little outtake from the session with the designer’s adorable companion!) last week, a shoot tomorrow for an indie project, and next week a voice over booking, I’m feeling like the journey is going pretty well.

Bottom line, it’s OKAY not to be where you want in life. In fact, knowing that you aren’t where you want to be and being committed to continuing to try and get there is a large part of the battle, in my opinion. And the destination may never fully be reached – but it’s the journey, the milestones, surprises, detours, and bumps along the way that really make it all worth while.

Live life. Work hard. Have fun. Find what feeds your soul and fulfills your purpose. Don’t have a purpose? Now you do – your current purpose is to find you purpose. So, there you go. See you on the road!

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