Happy 4th of July Weekend! It’s in full swing with the big finish tomorrow evening.

Independence Day has many different meanings to different people and families not only across the United States, but around the world. To some it symbolizes nationalism and patriotism. To some it means the freedom to their human rights. To some it means loss. To some it means victory. To some, it simply means a much wanted long holiday weekend…

When I was a kid, I remember watching all the fathers of the neighborhood putting together their “firework extravaganza”, trying to collaborate, or out-do each other in the ingenuity and wow factor of their set up. At the time, I was slightly terrified of fireworks (the noise was so scary!!), so I would usually watch the extravaganza through the living room window. They weren’t Macy’s fireworks by any means, but it was a special time for the family and for the neighborhood.

Now, or at least, this year, I’m going to see this 4th of July as a time to make my own fireworks happening. To celebrate those who have been courageous before me. To be bold. To be courageous. I made a promise to myself at the start of this year to make myself focus on accountability. Accountability for what I want. For taking the steps to get to where I want to be. And, in times of missteps (as there will inevitably be), to take responsibility, take stock, and move on with lesson learned.

Courage, and accountability, sound like big things – and they are – but I like to believe that big things can happen by taking each small step needed. You don’t always have to jump out of a plane if you’re scared of heights – maybe it’s just walking across a bridge to start your journey. You can’t paint a big picture until you at least have the courage to pick up a brush. Sometimes, a small step can be just the right step that brings a big goal that much closer.

And so, in the spirit of freedom, of courage, and adventure (and America, I suppose… ‘Murica!)… Here is something I made way back in January. As a part of a Christmas gift from Dave, he said that I had to make something – I want to act, I want to create, and so why not just start small? Starting somewhere is still starting. So he generously played the part of camera operator, location scout and amazing “you CAN do this” cheerleader, and we made a super short film. I had a lot of fun making it, but then immediately became self conscious of the things that sprang out of my imagination and if my brand of creativity was “good enough”. But – I’ve waited long enough. (And thanks to friend and fellow artist Anne-Marie for the extra push!) I’m going to be bold, and post it. Hopefully the first of many.

I won’t say a bunch about it, other than it is a bit abstract, and a touch dark, but I wanted to convey a feeling. We all make choices in life, some that help us and some that hurt. This little short has a lot to do with the duality of life, that things that give us great joy can be the same as those that give us sorrow, and that things in life drive us to feel frightening things sometimes, but ultimately, our choices are our own. It’s a bit open ended, but any thoughts or feedback would of course be welcome in the comments!

So be bold. Take a tiny scary step, and you never know how far you can go.


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  1. Well done Meaghan. Your fudgicle friend, Joanne

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