This is a short one today, but I just wanted to put it out there.

This of all – happy Monday! Happy August! Happy. Happiness… Happiness: what is that so often talked about, always sought after, elusive, life-changing feeling?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. But even in the busy every day ins and outs of life, the stresses and the worries, it’s easy to look at someone else’s path and think “wow, if only I had their opportunity” or “life would be better if it had gone the way they did”. We look at other’s successes, their lifestyles, their relationships and we compare them to our own. And that, as Theodore Roosevelt once said, is the thief of our joy.

So… sorry if you thought I was going to give you the key to true happiness! I’m still trying to figure it all out myself – as we all are – but I know one thing that DOESN’T help in the search for happiness… and that’s going around looking at others and wishing you had their life. Their skill. Their accompliments. Their money. Their opportunities.

We each have so much to give, to offer and to achieve. And no matter what our issues, our struggles, our stresses and strifes may be (and I’m not going to say “there’s always someone worse-off than you – that’s true, but it doesn’t help any of us)… we can change. We can change our circumstance. We can change out outlook. We can change our minds. And when we look at others, we can remember: nothing is ever as it seems.

A bit ominous sounding, perhaps (and this post got longer than expected!), but at the end of the day, to appreciate where you have been, where you have come from, and look towards where you wish to go, is a refreshing and empowering thing. Even if the blessings seem few – to have love, to have support, to have friends, to have a place to sleep, and to wake up again the next day to face your trials and to revel in the joys… maybe that is happiness. Maybe.



2 responses to “#thankful

  1. Very important to be grateful of what you have. If you concern yourself with what you don’t have, you’ll be miserable. Thanks for posting!


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