12/4/16 (I’m going to start doing this…)

Instead of always feeling the pressure to write an entire thesis every time I post, I’m going to start a “news feed” tag for short updates on daily things like auditions, callbacks, classes, tapings, etc.

Casting Director Tom O’Hare recently suggested that I keep a journal to help document my progress through my career and to keep track of what I’m doing and how I feel about my growth. So while I have an actual journal as well as an audition journal, I think this will be another excellent way to implement that idea. Thanks, Tom!

So, today, 12/4/16,

I recorded my self tape for the Masterclass I’m taking at Scott Powers studio. I always feel a bit inauthentic with extremely dramatic pieces, especially those that deal with intense anger or grief. This felt good, and I’ll be interested to see how it is received in class!

Also recorded a short “slate shot” style self tape for an independent project I was approached for.

And I joined a few fun and creative actor friends in the afternoonto retake the super fun “mannequin challenge”! It just reminds me how much I enjoy doing action (even when “frozen” in place) and physically dynamic roles.

And I’m a little late in posting, but… Happy Sunday! Monday is gonna be good too!

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