New Year!?!

Wow! I can’t believe that we’re already half way into the first month of 2017!!

And boy, it’s been a pretty busy beginning of the year…


How to greet at New Year. -Meaghan Bloom Fluitt

So here’s the quick run down. I would also like to make a more introspective post soon, but for now, just the highlights!

First, not even three days into the new year, I booked my first project of the year: an independent short film. The genre? HORROR. I’m stoked to be in a horror flick – even though I’m pretty adverse to watching horror flicks (because I already prefer to sleep with a light on… no need to add extra creepy crawlies under the bed… or in the closet… or… Well, you get the idea.). But being in one is quite a different story, and a genre I haven’t worked much in, which is also an extra perk!

I also had a wonderful follow up meeting with an agent that I had auditioned in front of before the holiday season. I’m very interested to see how things develop!

Then, in the following week and a half, I was called in to do an internal voice over gig. I love voice over, even more than I had already imagined that I would. My goal in this area is to someday do some great animation VO work (feed the inner geek…), but I love just being in the booth and working with material, no matter if its a character, a narrator, or an instructional information giver. It’s always a lovely feeling when you get that email saying “we need your voice”!

Over this past weekend, we had the first table read for the horror short, which was all kinds of fun. It’s a wonderful group, and I can’t wait to work and crack it up more with them. Who knew horror was so funny?

And this evening I had an audition for another agent (who unfortunately was unable to make the original audition seminar before the holidays). It was so fun! I’ve been finding the audition process to be more and more fun these days; just getting in the room with someone, sharing something with them and hopefully leaving them with a smile and a lingering positive memory. It’s the gig that gets you the gig – but in so many ways… it’s still a gig in itself! And getting to meet and build relationships is both so important, and such a joy.

This is getting long (as I haven’t updated in a bit), so the holiday memories post will be a bit later. But! Needless to say, I’m excited for this year. So far, so good – and I’m looking for it to be stellar!

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