To the next trip round the sun.

Well, it happened. Another birthday. Among other things in the last month or so! Where to begin…

File_000 (3).jpeg

Birthday celebrations!

In February I shot a fun horror/thriller short film called “Anadellia Ave”. It was my first time working on any kind of horror film so it was an interesting experience. I certainly learned and had a great time, and maybe, just maaaybe I’m a little less afraid of horror films now since I’ve seen up close all the inner workings. Or not!

I had a number of fun commercial auditions and even had an audition for a network tv show!

I was also cast in a short fantasy/suspense short, “Sylphvania Grove”. I get to play my first ‘creature’ – a mythical, part deer woman/creature named Dotoira! I’m increasingly excited for this – it has been a wish to work both in more fantasy/sci-fi/comic book genres and also get to do some creature work. I’ll even be getting a full head cast in the next couple weeks so that they can build the creature to the exact dimensions of my face!

Oh yeah, and I’m other news, I had a birthday.

I find that that fact is the least important of all the news, except in that for my birthday I was both able to go home to Florida to spend some wonderful, joyous time with my dad and my mom and aunt. There’s nothing like going home, and I’m so lucky to have such an amazingly supportive and loving family, and an absolutely unparalleled mother.

On top of that, Dave and I were also able to come up to visit Eastport and his family where we have also been greeted with love, warmth and laughter – and a surprise little birthday party!

It is so important to relax, and perhaps more important still to take a step back and look at all you have with joy. I am truly looking forward to this next year, the triumphs and challenges and all the growing I will do as I continue on this crazy, frustrating, wonderful and wonderous journey of life.

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