New Year

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve made an update! So much has been going on, personally and professionally, I find myself sitting down to post and then not knowing where to start. And boom – just like that, it’s a new year.

If I’m going to take any of my own advice and be ready for 2018 and all it’s coming adventures… then I have to remember this:

The important thing isn’t always knowing where to start. It’s STARTING.

If you plan and dream and plan and think, but never take any action, then all you’ve got are wonderful thoughts, masterful plans, and beautiful dreams. Which are, of course, lovely. But they don’t DO anything. To make dreams a reality, something has to be done – a first step has to be taken. You have to move forward in order to go going somewhere. Anywhere. The destination may be unknown, or at least slightly obscured, but you’ll never get there if you don’t start the journey.

So, speaking of the journey, first off, I must tell you:

I booked a co-star role!

Near the end of last year (feels so strange to say), I booked and shot an episode of a new series that is coming to the STARZ Network this year. The show is called “SweetBitter” and is based on the New York Best Seller of the same name, written by the amazing Stephanie Danler (who is also an executive producer of the show!). Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

And I have to say, being on set (a 15+ hour day!) was absolutely magical. I’ve always loved being on set, but it’s been a while since I’ve been on a “large scale” production and this is my first co-starring role! The many, many people who have to coordinate, collaborate, and bring together the cacophonous chaos of all the elements that go into filming…. and doing it, with excitement, professionalism, Love, and occasional laughter; is simply magical. The cast was brilliant and kind, and everyone in production was open, dedicated, and focused. It was like coming home. I really felt, all the more, that this was where I’m truly meant to be. 15 hour days on set for the rest of my life – yes please!!

But, more on that later! For a small yearly wrap up… here was the rest of 2017:

– We lost my dad to cancer. This Christmas was strange without you, dad. But there were many times of reflection and laughter and I felt your presence. I miss you so much.

– Booked and shot the fantastical “Sylphvania Grove” where I got to put on some fun protestors to play the lonely and slightly scary deer lady, Dotoira. The short film should be coming out in just a few more months! Stay tuned for those updates!

– I was lucky to work on a decent amount of voice over, which I love!

– I started working as an enrichment teacher at a wonderful educational initiative for special needs kids called Allied Achievement. These students (and teachers!) constantly blow me away.

– SweetBitter!

– Shot a fun internet commercial for the app Happn. Ah, technology.

– Walked in a few fashion shows – such beautiful clothes!

– Shot another short film, “Pearls” as a part of a short film challenge and had a blast!

– Lots of fun photo shoots happened this year. I’ll be doing a massive upload of some of the new pics in the coming weeks.

– Shot my first horror short film, “Anadellia Ave”. Getting “murdered” was pretty fun!

– I was in a few other projects, including a short where I get insulted by a puppet, and super short where I play a cop, discussing the finer aspects of crime fighting in a very notorious city…

– I was fortunate to take a number of great classes and workshops, meet some wonderful performers and foster some great industry relationships that I look forward to working with in this coming year!

And, while I thought of trying to leave this with some deeply introspective and reflective quote or thought, perhaps, in the vein of taking my own advice, I’ll just say this:

Let’s do this, 2018. I’m ready. Are you?

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