So much news!

Yeah, I know – what kind of millennial is bad at blogging?

This one.

But! This long overdue post is chock full of fun news and updates! We’ve got nominations, renewals, filming, and even… blue men?

So, first off I’m so excited to announce that Sylphvania Grove is making the festival rounds and has been nominated for multiple awards (including myself as Best US Actress!) at the Austin Revolution Film Festival! We screen there on September 20th at 7pm, if you’re in the area!

Dotoira being created… 3 hours in the chair!

Next, I’m also thrilled to announce that Sweetbitter was renewed for a second season!! What an amazing group of cast, crew, and production. No word if Sophia will make a return, but no matter what, I’m over the moon that they’ve been renewed.

Next! A few weeks back I was upstate filming a new short film with an absolutely astounding group on essentially an all female run set. It was beautiful. Director, producer, DP, all female.

Gals getting sh*t done. Females in film.

It was a beautiful (but hot!) location in an old historical house tucked away in the upstate woodlands and it was a magical experience. I can’t wait to see how it comes out!

And finally! I got to fulfill a part of a dream of mine… to blue myself. Aka: The Blue Man Group. I recently had the pleasure and adventure or auditioning for The Blue Man Group, and it was AMAZING. I made it through each elimination callback to the last one and with an eye on some drum lessons, perhaps in the future you may be seeing me go Blue for real.

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt goes Blue

Though this is already pretty real!

So it’s been an exciting couple months…

And the summer is just starting to heat up!

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