Austin Revolution Film Festival

We won!!

Whoa, whoa – let me back up a bit.

At the end of last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Austin Revolution Film Festival. The short fantasy film “Sylphvania Grove” was nominated for a number of awards, and I was also nominated for Best US Short Actress!

The festival was a ton of fun. It felt like a community of artists, with so many talented actors, directors, writers, producers, and more in attendance, and no shortage of wonderful films to view. And the best part? My mom got to come as well!

Seeing “Sylphvania Grove” on the big screen was pretty amazing – all the details within the sets and waredrobe, and the emotions and nuances within the characters were so much more visible and the magic felt almost tangible.

Maxine Wanderer, the young star of the film, was also able to attend with her lovely mother Heather. Together, with our incomparable director Rebekah Fieschi, and our brilliant composer Zak Millman, we all had a blast!

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt, Rebekah Fieschi, Maxine Wanderer, and Zak Millman outside the screening of “Sylphvania Grove” at The Alamo Drafthouse

And, as I mentioned back at the top of this post… we won!! We won:

US Short Film Audience Choice,

Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Short, and

Maxine won Best Overall Youth Actor!!

We were all over the moon, and we’ve got a few more festivals still to go, including the upcoming Nightmares Film Festival, in Columbus, Ohio. I’ll keep you updated – and be sure to share (finally) my pictures of my character Dotoira, and let everyone know when the film is available to stream!

Austin was a wonderful experience, both the festival and getting to see a bit of the city itself. I can’t wait to see what’s next on this journey. And as I learned watching “Sylphvania Grove’s” title character – if we move forward with courage and an open heart, we’ll come out stronger, better, and ready for the next adventure!

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