Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! (Updates, updates, updates!)

Sooo many things happening! I’ll give you the quick recap:

As of now, I’ve been in OVER seven different projects, from commercials, PSA’s, to a new episodic pitch project! I can’t talk about a few of them yet, but I’m super excited!

It’s been a really lovely year so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! But in the meantime, here are some recap pics for the ones I can talk about! Woo pictures!

The Genius of Play


This was a really wonderful PSA to do that has a really important message: kids need to play! Play is crucial to the development of young minds, and in today’s overworked, success-driven world, even the most well-meaning moms and dads might be over-scheduling and stressing out their kids. But never fear! The prescription is easy to follow: Play!
Find out more on the Genius of Play website (and be sure to try and catch the PSA – I’ll post it soon too!).



Talk about a super close up! This was a really fun shoot for Dr. Brandt and Refinery29. The eye cream was so soft and silky – check it out HERE.



I absolutely love working with the folks over at MindBodyGreen! This was a sponsored article for a delightful and refreshing DIY rose face mist. Heavenly! Check out the full article HERE.


This was a fun launch for FemPowerBeauty and their awesome, rich, vegan friendly lipsticks! I played the part of the Serpent (to match my lipstick of the same name) and stood for the embodiment of women shedding their shame and standing up in their power, inner beauty, and fierceness. Find out more about FPB HERE!


A little behind the scenes from the amazing shoot with Skin Therapeutics, a new skin care line that focuses on beauty and simplicity (12 or less ingredients in every product). It’s the world’s only skincare made from Activated Silk, a multitasking clean ingredient! Go check them out HERE.



Well, I can’t show or say much yet, but suffice to say this is a pitch project for a really cool idea! I’ll definitely be sharing more when I can!

And there’s more! But more on that later. And till then… stay tuned! Stay passionate. Stay true – dedication, collaboration, and perseverance are key to following your dreams. Keep going! And I’ll see you out there.

One response to “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! (Updates, updates, updates!)

  1. WOW…WOW…AMAZING I’m so happy for you and so proud of you. You have become quite accomplished in the commercial arena! Thanks Boo for the post! Love you!

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