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Holy Crap Is It March??

It’s March. Um… wow.

A clear testament to how not internet savvy I still manage to be – I haven’t updated in a month! Well! There’s quite a bit to catch up on then. And it IS #FlashbackFriday right? So, here we go…

It’s been a pretty eventful last month.

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Things you find on a rainy day…

On this grey NYC day, rummaging around in the virtual dusty chest that is my computer, I stumbled upon this photo and remembered the lovely shoot I had with Miss Erin Mayhugh!

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Just Another Manic Monday

“Life is like riding a bicycle… To keep your balance, you must keep MOVING.”
-Albert Einstein

Think he was on to something?



It’s hard to believe how fast this year has gone!

I’ve been switching out my summer to winter clothes (even with our unseasonably warm weather lately) and getting ready for the winter chill, by managed to get another outdoor shoot in with the amazing Vitus Feldman again!

We started out on the Brooklyn Bridge and then moved on to SoHo for some awesome backdrops.

Here are a couple of raw shots – with more on the way soon!

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