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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! (Updates, updates, updates!)

Sooo many things happening! I’ll give you the quick recap:

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New Year!?!

Wow! I can’t believe that we’re already half way into the first month of 2017!!

And boy, it’s been a pretty busy beginning of the year…


How to greet at New Year. -Meaghan Bloom Fluitt

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What do you do on a sunny chilly morning?

You go to an audition!

I had a quick fun audition this morning, that I can just say I got to show off my “guns” at.

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Welcome To Meaghan Bloom Fluitt’s Website And Blog

cropped-meg-25-c-6.jpgThank you for your visit and interest in my work and my site. I am an actress and fashion model in New York City and this site and blog is supposed to serve as my “store”. All you need to know about me and my work, and other more or less important information, can be found here. Contact information for professional inquiries is provided as well. Continue reading